Consumer Products

Trinity Plastics is a full line supplier of National Brand Equivalent store brands, which means every item manufactured matches up directly with Glad®, Hefty® and Ziploc®. These brands make up over 80% of the category and create the broadest target for private label.

  • National Brand Equivalent Trash and Food Contact Bags
  • Innovative New Products including Foil, Wrap, Flextra™, Wide Seal Closures, Gripper Bags and Twist & Lock Containers
  • Beyond Store Brands, Trinity also manufactures House Brands
Trinity Plastics Will Drive Your Business Forward
Uncompromised Quality

With the lowest number of quality complaints in the industry, Trinity items enjoy more repeat business than any other private brand disposer and food contact manufacturer.

Carry Out Bags


We will monitor your monthly movement by item. Our service level is uncompromising so your shelves remained stocked.

Bag Features Glad Others Trinity
Individually folded/One at a time dispensing  
Grip & Tie (Flaps) 4  
3 Ply Bags  
Wide Seal  
Color Double Zipper    
XL and XXL Storage bags    
Odor Guard  
Microwave Steam Bags    

Trinity will build promotions with you that are both meaningful to your customers and to your bottom line.

New Items

Trinity prides itself on being “first to market” on items that will help stimulate growth in the category.