Carry-Out Bags

Carry Out Bags

Trinity Plastics is the leader in premium linear low density supermarket carry-out bags with our patented Sprint-Sack Turbo self-opening program and our thick-thin pullbags. Trinity is also proud to supply some of the largest Quick Serve Restaurants in the country with our trademarked Express Wave bag and our flat-bottom imported catering bags.

Express Wave Bags for Quick Serve Restaurants
Handles Folded Down, Up to 8 Color Printing
Die Cut Merchandise Bags for Department Stores
Header Bag Dispensing Systems
Thick Thin (Reinforced Handle Bags) for National Retailers
Available in Straight-top or Pull Bag
LLDPE T-Shirt Bags for Premium Food and Grocery Chains
Self Opening Turbo Glue System, Up to 6 Color Printing