Trinity Plastics manufactures products for a broad base of customers within a variety of industries, including store-brand products, carry-out bags for national retailers, and restaurants. Trinity Plastics is a leading supplier of high-quality private-brand trash and food-contact products, waxed and parchment paper, and aluminum foil and pans.

With a national footprint Trinity can service all geography very efficiently. Warehouses are located in key areas around the US.

Trinity Plastics is part of the Inteplast Group. Established in 1991, Inteplast Group is the largest manufacturer of integrated plastics in North America. Inteplast facilities in Texas are the largest of their kind and contain the finest equipment available in the world. We use the latest, most innovative technology, including advanced automation and computerization. Our plants have achieved ISO 9001: 2008 Certification, the international stamp of quality manufacturing, and Inteplast’s strong management and technical teams provide first-rate in-house support.